drug screening
Medicine screening and pharmacodynamics assessment

  Drug efficacy is the first step in the development of new drugs, and the druggability study determines whether the new compound (or Chinese herbal compound) has the value of applying for clinical trials. The design level of major pharmacodynamic trials is related to whether the new drug can be characterized and whether it can guide the clinical drug use and improve the chances of new drugs entering into clinical trials. 
     Hubei Topgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a preclinical CRO high-tech enterprise with non-human primate characteristics, focusing on high-value non-human primate model development and preclinical safety assessment service for biomedicine research and development. It has built the efficacy evaluation and screening platform of cardiovascular system drugs, central nervous system drugs, and endocrine and metabolic drugs. The team members of pharmacodynamics research and drug efficacy screening are experienced in the areas of respiratory system, digestive system, anti-tumor and other diseases. The company possesses advanced instruments and equipment such as flow cytometer, color ultrasonic diagnosis system, DSI telemetry system, constant temperature perfusion system in vitro, multi-person overview microscope, pathological image acquisition and analysis system, microplate reader and autonomous activity tester, which can meet the requirements of carrying out related tests.
     We always adhere to the mission of "serve for medical innovation and devote to life and health" and the quality policy of "the scientific and rigorous, fair and accurate, earnest and serious, high-quality and efficient", and also strengthen the construction and execution of quality management system. At the same time, we explore new methods of animal models and improve specialty literacy to provide customers with professional research and development services. In the future, we will spare no effort to create high-end non-human primate experimental animal resource center and biological medicine service outsourcing platform, which will provide accurate and reliable resource samples and experimental quality assurance for new drug research and development, and we also supply one-stop services of biological medicine research and development, evaluation and registration for clients.

Service Item:
  • Tumor disease model

  • Cardiovascular disease model

  • Respiratory system animal disease model

  • Digestive system disease model

  • Inflammatory disease model

  • Endocrine and metabolic disease model

  • Nervous system disease model

Cardiovascular disease model
Disease Animal Models
Ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease) The rat model of myocardial ischemia induced by drugs (pituitrin, etc.), the rat or dog model of myocardial ischemia/infarction induced by ligation of coronary artery, myocardial ischemia reperfusion,the perfusion experiment for isolated heart, cardiac hemodynamics and myocardial oxygen consumption experiment
Cardiac failure Acute heart failure model induced by drugs, chronic heart failure model induced by drugs, chronic heart failure model induced by ligation of coronary arteries, chronic heart failure model induced by aortic stenosis, isolated frog heart experiment.
Arrhythmia Drug-induced arrhythmia model, arrhythmia model induced by ligation of coronary artery
Hypertension Hypertension model of renal arterial stenosis, renal hypertension model, spontaneous hypertension model
Atherosclerosis Animal atherosclerosis model (high-fat feed method, surfactant method, homocysteine injection method, etc.)
Central nervous system disease model
Disease Animal Models
Senility or senile dementia Natural aging animal model, D-galactose aging model,senile animal model with thymus removal,senescence accelerated mice model(SAMP),learning and memory experiment(step down test and step-through test),animal model of senile dementia(scopolamine method, aluminium chloride method and of cerebral ischemia), dementia model of transgenic animals
Depressive disorder Stress model(forced swimming test, tail suspension test and learned helplessness rat model),drug interaction model(reserpine antagonism test)
Pain Chemical stimulation(writhing method and formalin method),thermal stimulation method(hot plate method and radiant heat stimulation),electrical stimulation(rat tail-flick method),mechanical stimulation method(mouse tail pressure method),chronic pain model
Fever Infectious fever (bacterial, endotoxin, dry yeast), non-infectious fever (carrageenan, etc.)
Anti-inflammatory experiment Acute and subacute inflammatory model(capillary permeability test, mouse model of ear swelling and rat model of paw edema, rat pleurisy model, rat aerostat synovitis model),granuloma formation experiment(rat soybean oil air bag method and cotton ball implantation method),model of immune arthritis(adjuvant arthritis model, etc)
Sedative hypnotic test Autonomous activity test,extended sleep time test of pentobarbital sodium,subthreshold hypnotic dosage test of pentobarbital sodium
Endocrine and metabolic disease model
Disease Animal Models
Diabetes and
diabetic complications
Chemical diabetic model(streptozotocin and alloxan),rat model of experimental obese diabetes(STZ+ high fat diet),animal model of spontaneous diabetes, transgenic diabetes model,diabetic nephropathy model,diabetic peripheral neuropathy model, etc.
Fatty liver Fatty liver induced by high-fat feed, fatty liver model of inhibition of fatty acid oxidation (induced by carbon tetrachloride and alcohol lamp), rat fatty liver model induced by combined factors.
Gout Hyperuricemia model,rat model of paw edema induced by uric acid crystallization,arthritis model induced by hyperuricemia and urate crystallization.
Hyperthyreosis Model of thyroid enucleation,hypoxia resistance model,hyperthyroidism model induced by oral administration of thyroid tablets/T3 or T4 injection.
Osteoporosis Osteoporosis model induced by castration, osteoporosis model induced by corticosteroid, rat osteoporosis model induced by vitamin A, naturally aging osteoporosis model.
Other drug research and development platform
Disease Animal Models
Digestive system disease Acute liver injury model (carbon tetrachloride, ethyl alcohol, galactosamine), liver fibrosis model(carbon tetrachloride, ethyl alcohol),acute gastritis(models of perfusion method of aspirin/acetic acid, water immersion restraint method and pyloric ligation),chronic gastritis(perfusion method of bile or taurine),gastric ulcer model,diarrhea model(folium sennae and castor oil),constipation model(diphenoxylate),intestinal propulsion test,cholecystitis model(lithocholic acid model, lincomycin model),cholagogue test.
Respiratory disease Cough-relieving test (chemical stimulation method and mechanical stimulation method),resolving phlegm test(mouse phenol red excretion method, exudate drainage method by capillary),antiasthma test(isolated trachea method, asthma inducing method),acute bronchitis model,chronic bronchitis model
Anti-tumor Screening method of tumor cells in vitro, screening method of tumor animal in vivo
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