Optics Valley biological city 2018 annual work conference and 2017 outstanding corporate recognition


On the afternoon of March 7, 2018, Wuhan National Biological Industry Base Construction Management Office held a 2018 working meeting in Guanggu Biological City Medical Device Park, at which 50 outstanding enterprises of Guanggu Biological City were commended, and they were awarded the Enterprise Tax Contribution Award of Guanggu Biological City in 2017, and the Guanggu Biological City in 2017 to attract investment. Contribution Award, 2017 Guanggu Biocity Science and Technology Contribution Award, 2017 Guanggu Biocity High Growth Enterprise Award and 2017 Guanggu Biocity Equity Financing Contribution Award. Topgene was awarded the 2017 scientific and technological contribution award.

Qian Deping, executive vice director of Wuhan National Biological Industry Base Construction Management Office, delivered an important speech at the meeting. On the work in 2017, under the leadership of the Party and Labor Committee and the Administrative Committee of the Donghu High-tech Zone, with the support of the provincial and urban departments, Guanggu Biological City has a good momentum of development. In terms of industry support platform, Tianqin Biological Primate Laboratory Animal Resource Controller has built the first private GLP test platform in Hubei, laying a solid foundation for pre-clinical drug research and development.

Tianqin Biology will cherish honor, pioneer and forge ahead, give full play to the role of typical demonstration, help the development of the biological industry in Guanggu to climb the peak and create new achievements.

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