Warmly celebrate the success of Topgene's hosting of the "2019(9th) Drug Toxicology Annual Conference"


     June 22-06, 2019, By the Chinese Pharmacology Society Safety Pharmacology Professional Committee, the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Society Toxicology and Safety Research Branch, the Chinese Toxicology Society Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Drug Toxicology Professional Committee, the Chinese Pharmacology Society Drug Toxicology Professional Committee, the Chinese Toxicology Society Drug Toxicology and Safety Evaluation Professional Committee, the Chinese Toxicology Society Reproductive Toxicology Professional Committee, and the Chinese Toxicology Society's Professional Committee , China Toxicology Society Toxicology Research Quality Assurance Committee and China Pharmaceutical Society Drug Safety Evaluation Research Committee, jointly organized by the National Drug Safety Evaluation Monitoring Center of China Food and Drug Inspection Research Institute and Hubei Topgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. "2019(9th) Drug Toxicology Annual Conference" was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

   At 8:30 a.m. on June 22, the "2019(9th) Drug Toxicology Annual Conference Opening Ceremony" was opened at the Eurasian Hall of the Wuhan Eurasian Convention and Exhibition International Hotel. The opening ceremony was chaired by Wangsanlong, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Pharmacology Society's Safety Pharmacology Professional Committee. The chairman of the conference, Wangjufeng, made opening remarks. Duguanhua, vice chairman and Qiandeping, gave welcome speeches. The chairman of Topgene, Ren Xidong, represented the host. The leaders and representatives of the participants expressed warm welcome. Topgene Biological General Manager Machunhui was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

    With the theme of "New New Technologies and New Strategies for the New Age", this meeting will present the latest research results of China's drug Toxicology and its related fields, understand and master the progress of drug toxicology research at home and abroad, policies, regulations, technical guidelines, frontier technology methods, and development trends. Strengthen the cooperation and communication in the industry, improve the level of drug toxicology research and application in China to build a high-level academic exchange platform; Through the annual meeting to select the youth excellent essay award to find industry talents, to promote the development of drug toxicology in China.

     The conference invited Prof. Duguanhua, vice chairman of the Chinese Pharmacology Society, Professor Li Gao, who has recently joined Topgene, and well-known domestic and foreign experts such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea to make special presentations. It brought together more than 700 experts and scholars from domestic and foreign drug Anping institutions, R&D institutions, production companies, and regulatory agencies to showcase new technologies, new policies, and scientific and technological achievements in current Toxicology and related fields.

      The meeting lasted for four days. There were 1 main venue, 5 overflow venues, 27 specially invited special lectures, nearly 100 presentations, more than 40 exhibitors, and 776 participants. As the host of this conference, all staff members of Topgene and members of the conference service group have been highly praised by the organizing committee for their enthusiastic work status and meticulous service.
      By hosting the annual toxicology conference, it fully demonstrated the high quality and high standard of Topgene's services in the field of toxicology, and also demonstrated the high recognition of Topgene's biological strength by the organizing committee. In the future, Topgene will focus on pre-clinical safety evaluation, molecular imaging, clinical 0-phase and I-phase services with higher requirements, and is committed to building a biomedical CRO enterprise featuring non-human primate experimental animal resource center to help China's drug toxicology. The development of business.

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